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SportFM Scores iPhone App

Its supplier says the single-station app was ‘quickly approved’

As Jim McKay intoned on the old “Wide World of Sports” program opening: “Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports,” so does Western Sports Media’s Perth, Australia-based 91.3 SportFM. At least until the listener travels out of broadcast range.

Now the sports-happy station, focusing on covering lesser-known regional sports, has announced that it has an iPhone app to truly “span the globe.” The app was developed for SportFM by Australia-based iApps, an iPhone app specialist.

What caught our eye about this app announcement is that an official with the development company wrote in an e-mail, “SportFM is a single-station app that was quickly approved by Apple, despite negative reports about radio station apps in the past.”

The fate of single-station apps was a topic of some debate and coverage a while back.

Ramsey: Apple Just Doesn’t Want Bad Radio Apps” (Nov. 2010)

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