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Studer Helps Thailand Improve Traffic Flow

OnAir 1500 console enables government to broadcast road info

The Thai Government Department of Rural Roads is responsible for maintaining the roads that connect to main highways, enabling them to improve traffic flow through bypasses. The department has founded a radio station in order to provide the most up-to-date.

To facilitate live broadcasts and alerts, Studer’s Bangkok-based distributor 101 Technology (a division of the Mahajak Group) supplied a Studer OnAir 1500 production desk.

101 Technology says this is the first OnAir 1500 sold in Thailand.

In fact the OnAir 1500, configured with 12 faders, was designed to provide the hybrid solution for radio broadcasting and production that the studio required. The OnAir 1500 also features integrated USB playback and record functions.

“After initial concerns about the budget, they found they could do everything they needed with the OnAir 1500 and still have funding remaining for room decoration,” said 101 Technology’s Wiboon Lertkultanon. “The fact that the desk could double as a production mixer was a bonus, since they don’t have the budget to build another production studio yet.”

The compact form factor was key because the former meeting room is large enough for only one host and two guests.

The console’s faders control a host and two guest mics, solid-state player, CD players, automatic playout and two off-air feeds as a telephone hybrid and production workstation (plus GPIOs). The host mic can also record in the production workstation, and the mixer takes the input from the production workstation back to the studio monitor, says the company.

The outputs are routed to broadcast internally and over the radio, support Internet streaming and feed the production workstation, which runs Adobe Audition.

The station is now on the air, supplying drivers with relevant information if they need to find an alternative route. Drivers also call in traffic updates to the station regarding roadblocks, accidents and hold-ups.