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Studer Licenses Livewire

Manufacturer pursues an ‘open standards philosophy’

Interconnectivity and open standards are huge for radio facility designers these days. The latest announcement from Axia and Studer is an example of how such trends may prompt manufacturers that compete in some product classes also to work together.

Studer now is licensed to use the Axia Livewire AoIP standard. Livewire is a networking system that uses Ethernet to route and share audio and logic in a broadcast plant.

Axia said Studer has signed up for a Livewire Limitless License so it can build a Livewire interface into its products, allowing connection to Axia networks and products from other Livewire hardware and software partners (of which there are about 30). The license allows partners to build Livewire into devices for a one-time fee of $500.

The announcement was made by Axia President Mike Dosch and Harman VP/GM of Mixers, Microphones and Headphones Andy Trott, who oversees the Soundcraft, Studer and AKG lines.

“Studer is embracing a very ‘open standards’ philosophy as we launch more and more broadcast systems,” Trott stated in the announcement. He promised more such partnership initiatives from Studer.

Axia said it will supply Studer with interface designs, specs, source code and development info, as well as an option to purchase a Single Inline Module that fits Dolby-E type slots so native Livewire connectivity can be included in various audio gear.