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TBK’s HD Radio Decoder Module Is Certified

TBK's HD Radio Decoder Module Is Certified

A TBK HD Radio decoder module has received Ibiquity Digital’s certification. The TBK
Electronics Corp. decoding module (TDI 2001-A1) uses the Texas Instruments DRI 200 chip set. TBK and Ibiquity said the certification would help licensed consumer electronics manufacturers speed time-to-market of HD Radio products and lower engineering costs.
“At TBK, our dream is to create a multimedia world inside every car where audio and communication are integrated into one system. We believe that HD Radio technology represents a key piece in the realization of this goal, making the certification announcement of our TDI 2001-A1 – an especially significant achievement,” said Samuel Im, executive manager, TBK Electronics Corp. TBK hopes to soon announce an all-in-one solution that integrates the RF tuner, analog baseband demodulator and the HD Radio decoding function.
“Component and module manufacturers such as TBK are essential partners in the successful rollout of HD Radio technology, making the certification of the TDI 2001-A1 tuner an important milestone in the commercialization of HD Radio,” said Jeffrey Jury, chief operating officer, Ibiquity Digital Corporation.