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The History of Radio According to Sonos

Fun graphic tells the evolutionary story

Consumer audio equipment manufacturer Sonos has put out a fun visual history of radio.

The company makes home audio components including a multiroom music system.

“The discovery of radio in 1892 sparked amazing technological advancements, fundamentally guiding the development of how we communicate with each other and entertain ourselves,” Sonos wrote on its blog this week.

“Use the infographic below to trace the evolution of radio from the very first frequencies observed by Tesla to the social radio phenomenon”

Sonos has used “infographics” in the past to illustrate other concepts such as “the year in music” and “courageous and contentious cover songs.” Company spokesman Eric Nielsen tells Radio World that the Sonos content staff developed the concept for the radio graphic, which was researched by partner company Column 5.

He emailed, “Sonos is first and foremost a music experience company. We are passionate about music and we are trying to infuse more and more of that passion into our various content pieces …”