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Tieline Says It Passes SIP Test

Codec ‘Plugfest’ in Germany tested IP compatibility

Australian codec maker Tieline traveled to Munich to test its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-compatible codecs with other brands to make sure they communicate and meet the top EBU specifications.

The event was labeled an “EBU Plugfest.” Participating were Tieline and its BeNeLux/German partner You/Com along with codec builders such as Telos, Digigram, APT, Mayah, AEQ, AETA, AVT, Mandozzi and Orban.

The companies conducted a series of EBU N/ACIP 3326 spec (audio over IP) controlled tests to evaluate SIP interoperability. Differing sample and bit rates were used as were G.711, G.722 and MPEG Layer 2 algorithms.

Tieline International Marketing Manager Darren Levy said: “These tests are important for broadcasters as they show the level of commitment of manufacturers have in establishing a global standard for reliable broadcasting using SIP over IP networks.”

He added: “Tieline has taken a leadership role along with fellow Audio-via-IP Experts Group members in developing SIP interoperability and compatibility.”