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U.S., Mexico Reach Détente on AM Interference

U.S., Mexico Reach Détente on AM Interference

High-level negotiations between Mexico and the United States have brought about what communications representatives in both countries hope is a solution to AM interference along the Mexican-American border.
As part of the pact Mexico is requiring 4 AMs in Baja to reduce power “or otherwise bring their operations into compliance” with the agreements covering border stations, according to the State Department.
Three of the four stations are reportedly XEKTT, XESDD and XESS, all owned by Jaime Bonilla.
The governments said the agreement brings “relief to the U.S. broadcasting industry and some 29 million listeners who were affected by the interference.”
The U.S. has also pledged to review licenses to ensure that American stations do not interfere with Mexican stations.
The United States and Mexico adopted a plan to eliminate radio interference in public-safety communications systems in the border area.
The governments also agreed to continue discussions regarding technical criteria that need to be considered to protect TV channel 6 from interference from FM stations. Regarding digital radio, the countries will continue to exchange information in order to establish technical criteria for efficient development of analog and terrestrial digital radio. Both government agreed to continue to exchange similar information for satellite digital radio as well.