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Veritone Announces Agreements With Broadcasters for Audio Analytics

Artificial intelligence makes inroads into the broadcast ecosystem

Artificial intelligence has been a mature technology for about a decade. In many industries, including broadcasting, however, it remained a solution in search of a problem. Veritone has taken advantage of the AI tool and developed software that can ingest massive amounts of audio, perform complex analytics, deliver insights and spot trends that were previously difficult, if not impossible to discern. The company is now enjoying a payback for their efforts in the form of contracts that have been signed with multiple broadcast groups to use their aiWARE platform.

These new multimarket license agreements include Beasley Media Group, Reach Media and the Tom Joyner Network, Townsquare Media along with Results Radio. An existing license agreement with Hubbard Radio was also renewed.

These agreements give the broadcasters a license to use the Veritone aiWARE platform at their stations to process, transform, and review audio data in near real-time, with ad and content tracking, analytics, faster content extension, and more robust media management.

Drew Horowitz, president and chief operating officer of Hubbard Radio explains the problem, and the AI solution. “Broadcast audio continues to stay relevant thanks to its ability to adapt to the technological changes. But as more listeners consume programs, ads and organic content, we’re left with mountains of data that require significant man-hours in order for us to report on audience-based data. We know that radio has the ability to adjust to meet consumers and we’re always looking for ways to capitalize on the versatility of radio. Software such as aiWARE allows us to deliver value to listeners while simultaneously giving us insight that helps advertisers and broadcasters.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of an agreement with Entercom to use aiWARE, along with preexisting agreements with large media outlets such as ESPN, iHeartMedia and Westwood One