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Voice of Russia Begins U.K. Broadcasts

Russian broadcaster expands service by offering program in U.K.

During a ceremony in June at the Russian Embassy in London, Voice of Russia celebrated the commencement of broadcasts in the United Kingdom.

The Russian broadcaster, which now also produces on-air content in London, has been transmitting the new program destined to listeners in the country since March 26. The service is available weekdays from 4–7 p.m. via a DAB frequency. The remainder of the time, the regular radio service broadcasts from Moscow.

Russian Ambassador to the U.K. Alexander Yakovenko explained during the event that the new service features various view points and topics, including politics, culture, and sports, and it also allows for an exchange of ideas between the different cultures and show guests.

The goal, says the broadcaster, is to inform the world about life in Russia and to provide insight on Moscow’s opinions on global events. It also aims to promote the Russian culture and language so as to give a positive image of Russia to the world. Voice of Russia also produces programs in Washington, Kiev, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro.

The three-hour live talk show produced in London by a staff of 18 allows the British audience to receive news about world events but from a Russian perspective, continued the broadcaster. Every month about 200 Russian and British experts, political scientists, and journalists take part in these programs with their frequent opposing opinions forming the most objective view of modern events.

Voice of Russia Chairman Andrei Bystritsky said that the broadcaster chose London because it serves as a bridge between Russia and the West.

“London is an extremely important, vital city because it has always been an essential ‘communication junction’ between Russia and the West,” he said. “And London is a city and the capital of a country with its own unique traditions and history. So, we want to be heard and understood here. We want Russia to be perceived as a rational, comprehendible and interesting country. We want it to be understood better.”

Voice of Russia today broadcasts to 160 countries in 38 languages on shortwave and medium-wave, FM, satellite and through global mobile communication networks. In many countries Voice of Russia programming is also available on local airwaves. Voice of Russia’s website is available in 37 languages. The site offers over 500 sections and visitors can choose from online reports, audio, video and multimedia material.