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Wave of the Future? Maxagrid Launches ‘Virtual Exhibit’

Wave of the Future? Maxagrid Launches 'Virtual Exhibit'

Maxagrid won’t be exhibiting at the upcoming NAB Radio Show. Instead, the yield management service company is inviting potential radio customers to visit a virtual convention exhibit at
“We can reach more prospects by going virtual with our convention exhibits. The large savings in exhibit costs can be better used to offer incentives and market Maxagrid to a wider community of broadcasters long before and after the conventions are over,” stated GM Alec Drake. He called this a new direction for the company’s marketing. “In this environment of increased cost controls, travel challenges and fewer managers strolling the exhibit floor, we have to be creative and explore alternatives to the marketing avenues of the past.”
Product demos and slide presentations cover topics like “The Benefits of Yield Management, “How Maxagrid Can Help Your Stations” and an “Introduction to EZ-Rate Manager.” EZ-Rate Manager is a pricing engine for its traffic system that produces supply-and-demand rate forecasts for a station’s inventory. Info: