WiMax Seen as Revolutionary Factor for Developing Countries

WiMax Seen as Revolutionary Factor for Developing Countries
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WiMax will “revolutionize” basic technology systems in the developing world, says a study by West Technology Research Solutions. Mobile and fixed WiMax, it said, also will supplement communication structures in the developed world.
"The fixed WiMax boom will come in Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe” the company’s principal analyst Kirsten West stated. “By 2010 shipments in less developed areas will be twice those in the developed world. WiMax may prove to be the most significant tool in unleashing rapid vitalization in nascent economies.
“WiMAX will be an 'add on' to existing structures for the foreseeable future, while in the rest of the world WiMAX will essentially be the 'first mover' of real technology development."
WiMAX is wireless technology that can provide big broadband connections over long distances; applications include "last mile" broadband connections, hotspots and cellular backhaul, and high-speed business connectivity.