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Reliability, scalability key for purchase

The four ENCO DAD computers occupy much of the second rack from the left.

ENCO Systems has added another DAD automation system client with WJCT(FM) in Jacksonville, Fla.

WJCT Broadcast Technician Alan Rhodes told ENCO that the station chose the DAD automation system primarily for its reputation for reliability.

The public radio station had outgrown its previous automation system and needed something that could scale up.

Rhodes added, “A primary driver was NPR’s deployment of ENCO DAD systems in conjunction with its Content Depot project, as we knew it was being successfully used in the NPR community. Since we’re receiving programming from their DAD systems, that made it a nice fit for our station too.”

The station is maintaining four ENCO DAD computers — three at work with one as a backup. It operates a main signal, a classical program on an HD2, an easy listening format on its HD3 plus internet streams, a reading service and an emergency info channel.

Broadcaster General Store provided the system.