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XM, Audible Partner on Portable Device

XM, Audible Partner on Portable Device

XM’s latest search for new outlets has led it to partner with a content company and introduce a portable handheld device.
Audible Inc. and XM said they will launch the “AudibleReady/XM” devices in 2006. The units can receive XM and also download Audible’s spoken-word content from the Web.
Audible sells audio programs from sources like audiobook publishers, broadcasters and magazine and newspaper publishers. Those programs are offered for download and playback on computers, iPods and other MP3 players and PDAs.
Audible will add XM talk shows to its Web site, beginning with “The Bob Edwards Show” and Opie & Anthony.
Also this year, XM will produce and air an Audible show focusing on audiobooks and other spoken-word listening. Audible will help produce that program and offer it for download. XM and Audible will also market each other’s services; Audible’s spoken-word programming will become available at XM’s Web site through an e-commerce “boutique,” and XM will feature Audible on the air and its Web site.