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XM Steps Up Channel Blocking Publicity

XM Steps Up Channel Blocking Publicity

Representing XM Satellite at the indecency hearing (see above), Bill Bailey, SVP/Government and Regulatory Affairs, responded to lawmakers who complained about children unexpectedly being exposed to indecent programming on TV.
Bailey acknowledged the satcaster does air “blue” material but said its ratings system and blocking measures are easy to implement and are well-publicized on channel guides, in print ads and in on-air PSAs.
“We try to provide as much notice as possible about when programs with extreme language would air … so no one would stumble upon our extreme language.
“As a business matter, we don’t want parents to be afraid to have satellite radio.”
Those subscribers who want certain material blocked can call an 800 number and the change happens within two hours, Bailey said.
Also, XM receivers display “XL” — for extreme language — for certain channels.
Beginning next week, XM plans to include a parental control blocking link as part of its Web site.