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Yes, But Is There an App For It?

July 4th national disconnect proposed

Dr. Joseph Geliebter is a clinical psychologist and founder of Unplugged and Reconnecting. He is proposing a Declaration of Independence from Technology. At least for July 4.

Geliebter isn’t a Luddite. He affirms that technology has brought many wonderful things and does not want to go back to whale oil lanterns, cooking over an open fire or marking the calendar by where the sun sets. But he does feel that enough is enough at times and asks that people consider turning off their gadgets on July 4th. Just one day.

He said in a release: “This is a declaration against the complete saturation of social media and gadgetry infiltrating every single moment of our lives; against the insidious addictive apps and games that pull our family members and friends away regardless of location, situation or setting: eating dinner, watching the game, sitting at the beach, or attending parties.”