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Inside the Jan. 2, 2019 Issue of Radio World

Art Sutton is a radio owner with provocative things to say; read about our interview with him

Art Sutton is a radio owner with provocative things to say about digital, podcasting and streaming. Read about our interview with him in this issue, which also includes your 2019 Radio World Source Book & Directory.

The “Reference Radio” Looks Ahead

Radioplayer is a non-profit partnership of the BBC and several commercial entities with the aim of “keeping radio listening simple,” particularly on things that are connected to the internet. Michael Hill says its prototype Reference Radio can help the car radio of the future be simple, smart and sexy.

KB5LPK Signing Off

It has been a year since Jim Withers, veteran broadcaster and engineer, passed away. Radio World offers a special essay from his son Ryan on how his father touched him and shared the gifts of technology, curiosity and kindness.