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Fun in Buildings and Architecture

Dan dreams about goateed alternate universe’s Dan, who’s an architect

If I weren’t in radio & TV in some aspect, my alternate career might have been architecture. I’ve always had an appreciation for design and construction (which has also helped me with studio design in both radio & TV). This week’s Off the Beaten Path includes some interesting buildings and architecture.

The World’s Most Beautiful House

I’m fortunate to work as the chief video engineer for New World Symphony. The architecture is incredible in this $170 million concert hall, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. There have been some highly respected architects in the past … and one of the most famous is of course Frank Lloyd Wright. Here the BBC looks at “Fallingwater” and the article discusses his other works.

And scattered throughout this OTBP are several pictures I’ve taken of the New World Center on Miami Beach, Fla.. This is a building designed by Frank Gehry.

Tiny House
Looking to down-size? Here are some great pics of a very “efficient” (i.e. “tiny”) house.

Tent Living
I stumbled across this site for something called QUBE tents and thought these were pretty cool. If you can’t afford the “Tiny House” (above), maybe this is in the budget?

Sci-Fi Home

As a former resident of Madrid, Spain (while in the Air Force), I had a great appreciation for the architecture. Many beautiful old buildings (including Roman aqueducts and even castles … but if you are into “ultramodern,” here’s a newer home in Madrid.

And here is another link to more cool room designs …

3D Printing
Are you the owner of a 3D printer? A BIG 3D printer? Ever think about whether the possibility of “printing” something as big a building is possible? Well there are some large items being printed 3D style. This link explores some of the ideas. One item I came across was using the 3D printing method but instead of “melted plastic string,” it uses layers of concrete. So when you think of buildings in the future, just look at your little 3D printer and consider that method on a grand scale.

And finally …
If you want to apply architectural design to a radio studio, Universal Studios (Orlando) Radio Broadcast Center might be one good example (though I’ve seen some great pics of some very cool studios from some of the big groups like Cumulus and iHeartMedia). But here’s a video tour of the Universal Studios radio studios.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is

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