Media Buyers Weigh-in on Radio’s Digital Ad Efforts

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What do media buyers, and specifically those who buy digital ads, think of radio’s efforts to garner digital advertising?

Edison Research decided to conduct interviews and treat them as focus groups to find out.

On the company blog, Edison co-founder and president Larry Rosin writes that his team began the research after he had lunch with someone at a digital ad agency who “knows there is streaming radio” but was “unaware of any digital efforts by radio.”

Rosin says some of the views shared in these videos are negative, and radio has a lot of work to do in this space, however several comments about streaming ads and station websites are positive and constructive.


Wanted: Digital Media Engineer

Paul McLane is editor in chief of Radio World U.S.If you’re a technical guy or gal who knows how to talk digital, NAB may want a word with you.The National Association of Broadcasters has an opening posted on its website