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Ordway’s App

Maximizing potential listenership

Sports talker Glenn Ordway knows he doesn’t have the listenership for his “The Big Show Unfiltered” Internet show that he had for his “The Big Show” on WEEI(AM).

But he’s making an effort to get there.

The latest is a free app for Android and iDevices. The app will, well, let Ordway explain, “It will now be much easier for listeners to find the show, call or text the show and even call the Whiner Line.” It will also connect to the most recent show for playback.

No doubt the app will soon be stuff with all sorts of Ordway paraphernalia, widgets and merchandise, some of which can be sold to the app users.

Ordway said, “I am happy to announce the release of our iPhone, iPad and Android app as we continue to build out our media platform.” And that’s an important point — Ordway views his production not as a radio show or even an Internet radio show but rather a media platform. A platform that he can exploit and can try out all sorts of new marketing and programming devices.

“The Big Show Unfiltered” may or may not get big but Glenn Ordway is thinking big.