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The Future’s So Bright … I’ve Gotta Wear Shades

Interesting things from the future!

These were the lyrics to Timbuk 3’s mid-1980s hit, but also true to development of technology we see today.

Google’s Sensor
In development from Google is a “high resolution sensor.” As you read about it, imagine the possibilities!

Star Trek’s “Computer”
Sci-Fi nerds like me will appreciate this offering from Amazon. It’s a house version of Apple’s “Siri” or whatever voice recognition you smart phone offers. In one respect, it’s really not different. In another, you can see the hook towards oh-too-easy purchasing (because isn’t this what Amazon does? Sells stuff?).

Speaking of Star Trek …
I recently saw this item listed for sale on the Star Trek web site. Oh yeah! I’m a nerd, but this one is just a little much for me (not that it isn’t cool … which it is). It’s a Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) communicator which taps into your cell via Bluetooth technology.

And Finally …
With the look at future innovation, you can imagine that much of today’s technology was inspired by science fiction. From Smithsonian Magazine are 10 inventions that started out in the world of science fiction. Ever hear of “The Waldo”? (Me neither.) What invention came from The Waldo? You’ll know what it is after reading this.

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