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25-Seven Adds ‘Cue’ Mode to ATM

25-Seven Adds 'Cue' Mode to ATM

25 Seven Systems is debuting an updated version of its Audio Time Manager, a processor that lets radio stations delay the start of live programs and then catch up to real time without loss of original content.
The company has added a “cue” mode, enhanced time-shifting capabilities by expanding its record buffer capacity to one hour and released Audio Time Manager 1.40 software.
The “cue” mode lets the user reposition the starting playback location of an audio stream, while it is still recording. The company says it allows a “second chance” to capture the beginning of an audio segment, for example, in cases where the operator couldn’t press the Record button in time because they were across the room when an event occurred. It also allows them to locate and play back from any point in the unit’s circular buffer, which has been expanded to one hour.
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