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AES Session Explains Loudness Recommendations

Document aims at audio streaming and on-demand distribution

A session of the AES Fall Online Convention this week will explain new recommendations about streaming loudness.

“Internet audio streaming and on-demand file playback have become major sources of media delivery, affecting the ways that audio is recorded, mixed, post-produced and delivered,” the organization noted in a session summary.

“Excessive loudness compromises quality, inconsistent loudness annoys listeners. To resolve these issues, the AES Technical Committee for Broadcast and Online Delivery has created recommended guidelines for establishing and implementing an effective Distribution Loudness for streaming and on-demand audio file playback. This session will have members of the committee discussing the recently released TD1008 Recommendations for Loudness of Internet Audio Streaming and On-Demand Distribution.”

AES loudness recomms table 1
This table is taken from the AES recommendations. Click the table to read the document.

The session will take place Thursday Oct. 21 at 3 p.m. Eastern time. It is part of a series of sessions online this month in lieu of an in-person AES show.

Leading the session will be consultant David Bialik and John Kean, senior engineer with Cavell & Mertz.

Others contributing to the recommendations document are Rob Byers, Jim Coursey, Eelco Grimm, Bob Katz, Scott Norcross, Robert Orban, Shawn Singh, Jim Starzynski, Alessandro Travaglini, Ian Shepherd and Greg Ogonowski.

Other sessions of the Broadcast and Online Delivery track are already available on demand including discussions of using SNMP, advantages of using metadata, stream monitoring, spatial audio in podcasting and other topics.