Arrakis Introduces USB Stereo Audio Player

Targets pro audio applications that need +4 dBu balanced audio
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New at Arrakis is the DHD-DAC stereo audio player, a “play-only” USB sound card for use with Windows PCs and USB HID-compatible Apple computers, and targeting pro audio applications that need +4 dBu balanced audio.

The company highlights the audio performance of this digital-to-analog converter, with 0.006% THD and 98 dB dynamic range typical. It features analog and S/PDIF digital outputs, and XLR and RJ-45 audio connector outputs.

The DHD-DAC pairs well with Arrakis New~Wave and Digilink-HD radio automation software systems.


DRS Picks Digigram for USB Audio

Schweizer Radio DRS, the public-service broadcaster for the Swiss German community, is opting for the Digigram UAX220-Mic USB audio interface for all mobile computing applications where recording is required.