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Audio Precision Upgrades APx500

Adds features for a large number of test & measurement applications

Test and measurement equipment maker Audio Precision has released software version 2.5 for its APx500 family of audio test and measurement systems.

A number of fixes and new applications are contained within the update. Of interest to radio broadcaster with an APx500 system is new ability to output reports using Microsoft Word and XML formatting. Reports now can be made to work with Microsoft Word and look like any other business document instead of having a 1980s text-based scientific/engineer look to them. And speaking of Microsoft, version 2.5 is Windows 7-compatible.

Additionally WAV files can be directly analyzed and test sequences can now be paused and then continued from where they were stopped. A second sine wave signal generator is also available for certain tests.

Referring to the MS Word-compatibility, AP Director of Products Daniel Knighten said, “Engineers should be spending time on audio innovation, not cutting and pasting all day.”

APx500 v2.5 works with any model of APx audio analyzer. It is a free upgrade for APx users and is available online. The software requires an APx audio analyzer to work, however a demo version can be downloaded by anyone for evaluation.