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AudioScience Ships 50K

ASI6585 gets the honors, gold watch next?

Audio card maker AudioScience marked a milestone recently with the production of its 50,000th unit, an ASI6585 PCI card.

The ASI6585 is used in Axia Livewire networks, a point not missed by Axia. The latter company’s VP Marty Sacks said, “This is a great moment for AudioScience and Axia congratulates them on their achievement.”

AudioScience President Richard Gross said, “Since day one we’ve been excited about our Livewire card so it’s fitting that the ASI6585 was our 50,000th product made.”

The ASI6586 is a PCI card capable of handling simultaneously eight play streams and eight record streams within a Livewire broadcast automation Ethernet network.

The card distributes PCM, MPEG Layer II or MP3 audio with onboard DSP available along with any necessary time scaling.