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Axel Falcon XT Offers Flexibility

Features five-band architecture, dual-band AGCs, three-band equalizer, more

Axel Technology’s Falcon XT digital audio processor features five-band architecture, dual-band AGCs, three-band equalizer, stereo enhancer, speech detector and four limiters.

An internal stereo generator ensures an accurate MPX signal and the RDS encoder, available as an option, provides two data sets, each with a wide range of services.

These include static programmable PS 60 messages, 16 radio text messages, alternative frequency to receive the best frequency as a function of the “coverage area,” traffic program/traffic announcement to listen to traffic information and functi

ons such as EON, M/S, DI, CT, PI, PTY, PIN. Switching between the data sets takes place by means of serial commands, GPIO or TCP/IP from a radio automation system.

Falcon XT’s MPX power control, brilliance control, expander, overdrive, super bass and harmonizer minimize unwanted noises, says the firm. The unit features full connectivity with analog and digital I/O (over XLR connectors), two independent MPX outputs and two additional inputs with different functionality.

Moreover, the Falcon XT is fitted with an aux input (SCA) for use with the external RDS encoder as well as an input that allows users to switch audio from another processor MPX so as to create a subnet managed by the automation system. All outputs include audio fault input changeover.

The unit can be controlled remotely via Windows-based client software and receive commands by Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, RS-232 port and four GPI/Os.