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Barix: AAC+ Decoding Improves Sound Quality

The Exstreamer-110 will be on display for radio broadcasters for the first time at NAB.

(click thumbnail)Barix AG now offers aacPlus (v1 and v2) compression in its new Exstreamer-110 IP audio decoder.

The manufacturer said this offers cost and quality benefits to radio broadcasters for audio transport over IP. The Exstreamer-110 will be on display for radio broadcasters for the first time at NAB.

The company says its IP audio decoders are suitable for low-cost decoding in radio broadcast.

“aacPlus v2 builds on the success of MPEG-4 aacPlus, or Advanced Audio Coding, to significantly improve compression rates over the initial release as well as mp3,” it stated. “Radio broadcasters distributing content over the Internet to Exstreamer-110 decoders can use aacPlus v2 compression to significantly reduce bandwidth or improve audio quality.”

The Exstreamer-110 retails for $249 and can be used by broadcasters who need point-to-multipoint distribution and want to use the reduced bandwidth or higher quality afforded by aacPlus v2.

“Far less expensive than satellite distribution or other aacPlus-capable decoders on the market, broadcasters can save thousands of dollars distributing program audio over the Internet to Exstreamer-110 decoders at multiple destination points, such as studios or transmitter sites,” Barix states.

The Exstreamer-110 retains the functionality of the Exstreamer-100 IP audio decoder and adds a backlit 2×16 character LCD to display stream metadata or file information, such as station identification and artist/title information. It includes a relay to trigger an EAS stream, station identification or local announcement. A built-in remote control receiver enables channel selection from a variety of audio streams for redundancy protection.

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