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Best of Show: BW Broadcast Vertus

With enhanced DSP processing, the single-box solution manages AM to FM rebroadcasts

Radio World’s International Edition announced its Best of Show Award winners at IBC2014. Over the following weeks we will highlight the recipients of this year’s award. For information about the new Best of Show Award program, see All About the Best of Show.

BW Broadcast’s Vertus Encore is a “single box” AM/FM translator solution.

Carrying onboard a rebroadcast receiver and transmission equipment, the Vertus is available in 300 W and 600 W. Its adaptive IF DSP filtering promises to pull in distant stations and clearly and cleanly rebroadcast them, says the firm. The system employs patented stereo enhancing noise reduction for advanced stereo separation, while dual antenna inputs provide reduced multipath levels.

With enhanced DSP processing, the Vertus, which the company explains, boasts several other BW features such as field-serviceable parts, can manage AM to FM rebroadcasts, increasing the bandwidth and quality of the AM broadcasts that are being translated to FM.

Built upon the Encore FM transmitter platform, the Vertus is able to function as a direct-to-channel DDS FM transmitter or switch to standalone mode should a rebroadcast signal fail. The system’s audio backup facilities include fallback to FM or AM frequencies or vice versa in addition to the Encore platform powered MP3 and Shoutcast stream backup options.

A GPS sync option is provided for single frequency network applications and RDS can be translated or locally adjusted to fit gap filler/translator requirement. Full anti-hijack facilities are included as standard.