Burk Adds Plus-X 300 Interface

It is an Ethernet-based I/O to expand the reach of its remote control systems.
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Burk Technology will continue to expand its ARC Plus product family by introducing the Plus-X 300.

This is an Ethernet-based I/O interface that the company says is designed to broaden the scope of broadcast remote control. Plant equipment connected to the Plus-X 300 is linked via IP to the ARC Plus for monitoring and control. Ethernet-based I/O allows easy distribution of remote control throughout the facility by utilizing the existing network infrastructure.

Unattended studios benefit because no new wiring from studio equipment to a central control point is needed.

The Plus-X 300 facilitates eight analog and status inputs, as well as eight independent relays for control. The unit is compatible with any ARC Plus system.

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Burk Debuts Plus-X AC-8, Demos Web Connectivity for ARC Plus

The Plus-X AC-8 allows remote rebooting of servers and PCs. Broadcasters also can remotely manage HVAC, lighting and other appliances. It connect directly to the Burk ARC Plus remote control via Ethernet, or to any remote control (including the GSC3000 and ARC-16) using general purpose inputs.