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BW Broadcast ModMon Encore Controls the Signal

Time-aligned twin DSP tuners allow crossfading between two different radio stations

CROYDEN, England — BW Broadcast’s ModMon Encore Dual FM and MPX modulation monitor combines the technology from its award-winning receivers with lab reference-grade audio processing technology to create a single box capable of analyzing both FM and baseband signals.

According to the company, the ModMon’s time-aligned twin DSP tuners allow crossfading between two different radio stations for instant and accurate signal comparison. In addition, it says the “high-performing” DSP tuners have adaptive IF filtering and stereo improvement, with antenna diversity option, and that even under difficult conditions it will pick up weak signals with the best possible sound.

The dual MPX inputs allow crossfading between two different MPX inputs for instant comparison of two processors. BW explains that zero time pop-less switching between two audio processors makes it easy to get a true evaluation between the processors. In addition, it points out that the system’s reference-grade stereo demodulation gives performance stereo demodulation and separation, making it easy to listen to the left-right audio from a composite MPX input signal — or even two.

The firm says that anyone working with FM or MPX signals will find this product useful and easy to use. Receiving both RF modulation as well as FM signal in one unit makes it easier to make adjustments and prevent overmodulation. 

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The front panel is machined from a single block of aluminum with a high contrast OLED displaying the menu system and tricolored LED blocks providing clear, real-time metering. Three silicone soft keys control the most significant functions and two illuminated buttons switch inaudibly and instantaneously between each DSP tuner.

For information, contact BW Broadcast in England at +44-208-253-0290 or visit