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Cool Stuff: NexGen+Master Control=Zetta

RCS Zetta

Radio World is featuring winners of its 2011 “Cool Stuff” Award this month.

“Reliable, intuitive and flexible” are goals RCS had for Zetta; the company said it sought to make its new radio automation system as reliable as its NexGen Digital products and as sophisticated as Master Control. In fact, “If someone was to accidentally close the program, your radio station would keep on playing,” the RCS website promises.

Zetta integrates with music scheduler GSelector, RCSnews and traffic system Aquira. Durability and sleek design are among its selling points. Zetta is written using Microsoft .NET technologies, developed on C#, WPF, WCF and SQL Server to enable flexibility for future expansion.

Staid as usual, President/CEO Philippe Generali mugs for our photographer. Photo by Jim Peck