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Announcer’s Consoles From Studio Technologies

Dante-based boxes offer alternatives for studios and remotes

Equipment manufacturer Studio Technologies isn’t always on the radar of radio broadcasters when it comes to equipment choices but a line of Dante-based interface boxes might be worth a look.

Labeled as “announcer’s consoles,” the Dante network interfaces can operate as talent boxes in a studio or as inputs and associated controllers at remotes such as sports broadcasts.

Models 205, 206 and 208 feature phantom power (48V), talkback functions, headphone/monitoring operations along with Dante network presence. They utilize steel boxes and low noise pushbuttons. All three units operate with PoE.

In addition, all three are compatible with Studio Technologies’ STcontroller Application, a remote control program.

Studio Technologies President Gordon Kapes said, “Our underlying goal when designing these units was to create dependable, space-conscious on-air solutions that didn’t sacrifice audio quality. … The ‘205, ‘206, and ‘208 use well-tested circuit designs and rugged components to ensure long, reliable delivery of excellent audio. When used in both Dante and analog environments, broadcasters can be assured that audio signals will have low distortion, low noise, and sufficient headroom.”