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Davicom Introduces DavNet Reports

MacNet is renamed and updated

Formerly known as MacNet, Davicom’s DavNet multisite alarm management software has added a new feature, DavNet Reports.

Harnessing the power of a Davicom system’s ability to produce a custom log locally and then download it to the NMS, DavNet Reports is ideal for sites which are not permanently connected to the NMS, according to the company.

A Davicom monitoring system can be set to record up to 32 of a site’s parameters, e.g. forward and reflected power, mains voltage, temperature, on a regular schedule. After a preset time or after a certain number of recordings, the Davicom system will transfer the data to DavNet. Once downloaded, DavNet Reports takes the raw data and automatically creates graphs and charts, helping to identify any problems at the sites. Maximum, minimum and average values as well as a pie chart of uptime show exactly what has been happening.

The company says that reports produced can be automatically emailed to key personnel on a regular basis, meaning that staff will always be kept aware of what is happening at the sites. It points out that spotting trends can help you diagnose a problem before it takes you off-air, saving downtime and money.