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Dear DJ Santa

I want a Tonium Pacemaker even more than a nuclear reactor.

Dear DJ Santa:

For Christmas I would like one of those Tonium Pacemakers. It’s so cool it won a “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science; and you know they usually only give awards for telescopes and nuclear reactors you can put into the basement (I would like one of those too).

The handheld Pacemaker has a 120 GB hard drive for storing music but the really cool thing is the two tiny touchpad turntables that allow you to be your very own DJ — wonka-wonka. It also works with downloadable Windows and Mac software for creating and editing mixes. It even has a beat detector, loop function, EQ and pitch bender.

There’s a USB port for downloading and uploading your mixes and other people’s mixes and, of course, a headphones jack.

If you get me a Tonium Pacemaker you won’t have to get me a pony or a jetpack.