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Factum Radioscape Rolls Out MultiMuxa

It’s new multiplexing software for DAB applications

Factum Radioscape has introduced MultiMuxa multiplexing software for professional DAB encoding and multiplexing applications. 

The company says it provides for simple and efficient operation for multiplex operators and service providers.

“The introduction of service profiles and the ability to associate an individual service to multiple ensembles at once saves time and operational resource,” it said in the announcement.

“The system features the Dolby audio codec, ensuring a high-quality audio experience for listeners. Additionally, MultiMuxa provides advanced redundancy for audio input and EDI output automated switching, service linking, advanced FIC functions and emergency warning system.”

A screengrab of the Data Services page.

The system can operate on Windows and Linux depending on the audio codec requirements, and is optimized for high-density deployments using containerization.

The announcement was made by Sales Manager James Waterson. He said MultiMuxa is being used by several broadcasters including SwissMediaCast in a virtualized environment for six ensembles, ERT in Greece on dedicated IPC and multiple users in the United Kingdom.

A screengrab of the dashboard User Interface.

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