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Fraunhofer Swims in the Stream

Will highlight 5.1 Internet streaming to an iPhone with HE-AAC and MPEG Surround

Fraunhofer IIS, the smart guys behind all those successful encoding schemes, have debuts and demonstrations of interest for NAB Show-goers.

The big push is for MPEG Surround, the new format designed to get 5.1 surround sound performance out of limited digital bandwidth. “For the first time, Fraunhofer will demonstrate live MPEG Surround Internet radio streaming to the PC and to an iPod Touch using the MPEG surround binaural headphone mode, with real-time playback on the device,” it stated. “MPEG Surround will also be played from a legacy iPod on 5.1 channel surround speakers through the Fraunhofer-designed iPod docking station prototype.”

Fraunhofer will also demonstrate bandwidth savings of MPEG Surround in combination with H.264 video as part of an IPTV/Web-TV application, and MPEG Surround will be demonstrated in the automobile environment.

Also to be seen is SX Pro. This is a (legacy) stereo to multichannel up-mixer (surround synthesizer). New for the show is Version 2, designed to give broadcasters more control over mixes created with SX Pro. SX Pro can work with MPEG Surround.

Lastly, the Fraunhofer gang will entertain questions about the forthcoming MPEG Unified Speech and Audio technology. This effort focuses on creating high-quality speech out of highly compressed/low-bandwidth signals.

Booth: SU6023