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Free Report-IT App Available

Tieline smartphone codec trims down for lite version

Australia-based codec maker Tieline is now shipping a “lite” version of its recently released Report-IT Live “turn-your-iPhone-into-a-codec” app. Report-IT Lite is a free app, available at the Apple iTunes App Store.

Report-IT Lite obviously won’t have all the features of the Report-IT but it will allow for a realistic basic trial run of what Report-IT Live will do, including one free hour of codec operation. It will also allow for storage of two one-minute or less clip recordings.

Darren Levy, international marketing manager for Tieline, stated: “We made a free version of the app available to help people answer many questions on the performance of the iPhone as a broadcast tool … Many customers have been surprised to learn that the iPhone’s in-built microphone delivers robust FM-quality mono audio compared with most other phones on the market.”