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Genelec Thinks Big

1038CF is a three-way active monitoring system

The hotspot for monitors these days is in and around small systems for use with computers. Some sound amazingly good for their size (including a Genelec model that pulled in a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award this year). But nothing sounds as good as a big, quality three-way monitor.

The Genelec 1038CF is one of these. Triamplified, the 1038CF was developed out of the 1038B model. The difference is that the 1038CF has been re-engineered to work with a separate subwoofer/bass management system. Therefore its bass performance is purposely limited at the lower end. Crossover controls are included.

The 1038CF uses dual 8-inch bass woofers instead of a larger 10-, 12 or jumbo 16-inch woofer for the low end. A 5.1-inch mid-range driver handles the middle while a 1-inch metal dome tweeter produces the highs.

The 1038CF is also more compact (24 inches x 18.5 inches x 9.25 inches) than traditional three-way systems, to better facilitate use in edit bays and smaller work areas.

The monitor uses a rotatable Directivity Controlled Waveguide technology module for imaging and balance. The module can be reoriented vertical or horizontal alignment.

All drivers are magnetically shielded. Several mounting options are available.