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Get Out of Jail Free, Sort of

Chubb offers MediaGuard insurance program

As media and broadcasting outlets proliferate, it would be understandable that broadcasters are confused as to what can be broadcast and where it can be repurposed.

To soften collisions with the litigious, whether rightly or wrongly engaged, the Chubb Group has developed MediaGuard, a modular insurance program.

MediaGuard is designed to be scalable and provide a buffet of services and protections. Possibilities include defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright/trademark infringement, misappropriation and advertising errors and omissions.

Ken Goldstein, assistant vice president, Chubb & Son, worldwide media liability manager for Chubb Specialty Insurance, said, “Media companies face a multitude of insurance issues and are constantly exposed to liability risks.” He said MediaGuard is a fresh approach to insurance in the evolving media marketplace.