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Interface Anywhere With DNF

AIB-4 offers web remote control and messaging

The latest addition to the DNF Controls line of remote control interfaces is the AIB-4.

Looking to be the largest and most sophisticate of the DNF “Anywhere Interface Box” family, the AIB-4 offers Ethernet, two-way DMF and a dial-up modem. It is IP-compliant from web control.

It also offers 16 GPI inputs/outputs, Serial RS-232 and RS-422, UDP and SNMP.

DNF Controls chief technical officer Dan Fogel said, “AIB-4 really is an ‘Anywhere Interface Box … The design evolved with lots of input from hands-on engineers, both radio and television. It’s especially well-suited for remote broadcasts, with multiple connection paths — everything but tin cans and string — back to the studio, plus a comprehensive range of interfaces for device control.”

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