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Klotz Cuts and Adds

Post-election special: 25% off consoles

Digital console and network manufacturer Klotz Digital has announced that until Nov. 14, Aeon, Xenon and Decennium consoles have a post-election discount of 25 percent off list price.

Orders must be placed now; a deposit guarantees pricing through the first quarter of 2009.

Klotz had fun with the sale, calling it a “special announcement for fellow Americans, game-changers, Hockey Moms, Joe Six-Pack, Joe the Plumbers, wealthy distributors and especially Rick and Jack, the Engineers.”

The Decennium digital console also recently received an upgrade and is available in a 5.1 surround sound version, the Decennium 5.1.

The Decennium 5.1 was designed to handle multiple applications, including radio, TV, theater and live sound; it can simultaneously mix mono, stereo and surround sound sources. A new motorized fader module has been added to facilitate the new functionality of the console.