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Mandozzi Updates Range of Mixers, Switchers

Swiss firm offers Serix and CiMix mixers, more

Mandozzi says its new digital audio routing switcher, Idea can be interfaced with most audio input and output standards, including analog, AES/EBU, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM and Gigabit.

Internal digital signal processors manage all processing functions, while the switcher carries out programmable automatic time/date-controlled connections and disconnections (scheduling) of single lines or line groups. In addition, users can remotely pre-program connections via GPIO, serial or IP signals.

Also from Mandozzi is the stand-alone Serix mixer, which can operate autonomously with its own DSP and switching elements and can also be integrated into larger systems, where it remotely controls a central matrix. In the latter configuration, Serix is able to select input and output lines of the matrix, establish intercom connections between the mixers and mixbox units, remotely control mic preamps, mute and GPIO of other mixers. It can also control a central pool of telephone hybrids, ISDN codecs and Mandozzi’s IP codecs.

Finally, the CiMix console features a mixer surface with 12 or 16 faders. It is available in both tabletop and flush-mount versions and offers a core unit called “concentrator,” which hosts switching and DSP processors as well as the audio and GPIO interfaces in 1RU. It connects to the control surface via a standard Cat-5 cable.