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Nautel Ramps Up the Power

It will show its latest high-power AM, FM transmitters in Austin.

(click thumbnail)NX50Nautel Ltd. plans to feature two high-power transmitters for AM and FM broadcasters at the upcoming NAB Radio Show.

The company says its NV40 offers the highest single-cabinet power output of any FM transmitter, with a max analog power output of 44 kW. The HD-ready solid-state FM transmitter offers three modes of operation: HD, hybrid and analog. It has an integral digital exciter that supports adaptive pre-correction, and offers a plug-in upgrade to the HD Radio Exgine.

Nautel says it designed the NV40 to occupy a footprint as much as 60 percent less than comparable solid-state and tube transmitters, and it provides advanced instrumentation and management tools. HD Power Boost technology is offered as an option for more IBOC power. The NV40’s maximum power outputs are 44 kW in analog mode, 32 kW in hybrid mode and 12 kW in HD mode.

For high-power AM broadcasting, the NX50 is the next generation of Nautel’s 50 kW transmitter. It supports HD Radio or DRM modes with an internal DRM or Exgine IBOC generator, and provides adaptive pre-correction, 2.7 MHz Direct Digital Modulation and 88 percent efficiency.

Both products feature Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI), a 17 inch color LCD screen with a range of configurable displays. It includes real-time locus measurement; an instrument-grade spectrum analyzer; an IBOC modulation analyzer; module-level monitoring; and control and logging of functions. The AUI can be controlled by touchscreen or via a mouse and keyboard. In addition, users have remote access to transmitters via a Web browser.

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