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NOA Sources VitroVac Heads for Studer-based Archiving

Order combines needs of multiple operators

NOA Audio Solutions now has quarter-inch audio heads for Studer tape machines in stock. The heads, part of a manufacturing run from AM Belgium, are compatible with Studer’s A807MK1, A807MK2 and A810.

After assessing the needs of multiple archiving operators, NOA ordered butterfly and 2 millimeter heads in VitroVac anamorphic glass, instead of the standard MuMetal head. VitroVac provides two to three times the duration, allowing archive operators to extend the life of their machines and increase the quantity of archival material.

“Due to the size of the order required to initiate a manufacturing run, small archiving operations around the world have had difficulty obtaining new heads until now,” said Christophe Kummer, NOA Audio Solutions CEO.