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Omnia Adds Sync to Stereo Generator

GPS-based system aimed at solving proximity and adjacent conflicts

Omnia Audio has announced a GPS clock-based synchronization upgrade option for the Omnia.SG stereo generator.

Marketing Manager Denny Sanders explains the purpose: “The GPS clock sync is used, for example, when a station puts a booster on the same frequency to fill behind a mountain or tall buildings which block the main transmitter, but is in the primary service area. Unless the stereo encoders are precisely synchronized at both transmitter sites, there will be distortion, noise and the stereo pilot detector will switch back and forth between the two stations noisily, along with other annoying behavior when a listener is in a spot where both signals are receivable equally.

“The Omnia SG with clock sync option eliminates this problem by synchronizing the sites precisely via GPS.”

Omnia.SGs in the field can be factory upgraded for $400.