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Opus Encoder Available

Xeocoder says it is first to market

A company based in Singapore, Radioactive, claims to have the first Opus digital audio algorithm encoder available.

Called Xeocoder, it is a streaming codec optimized for work with HTML5 and hence, most browsers. It is also designed to be multiplatform — Web, mobile, smartphone, etc. Unlike MP3 or AAC variants Opus is not proprietary, though the particular iterations such as the Xeocoder can be.

Radioactive also says Opus is designed for low bitrates and to operate with low overheads and footprints.

Radioactive Managing Director Andrew Crothers said, “Xeocoder offers broadcasters extraordinary Opus quality matched with flexibility and low latency in a package which any radio station can easily get up and running with.”

He added that Xeocoder “is the best and fastest way for any network or station who demands enterprise grade encoders to get started with Opus.”

According to a release, “The Opus audio format has been standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and has been accepted as the mandatory default in Web RTC (Real Time Communications), with full support added in the latest versions of the industry standard Icecast streaming server.”

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