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Prism Sound Upgrades SADiE

Windows 10 optimization for long-running Windows DAW platform

Some news about a product that used to be quite popular with many radio station production staff — one of the first, and best, digital audio workstation platforms, SADiE.

Prism Sound has announced a new release, Version 6.1.13. The company describes the free interstitial update as introducing “a number of enhancements and bug fixes …”

V 6.1.13 is available as a 64-bit version for the SADiE 6 platform and also for the specialized SADiE BB2 Radio Editor system and LRX2 Flexible Location Recorder.

The chief enhancement is to optimize the core for Windows 10 operation.

SADiE Product Specialist Steve Penn added, “The new software adds a number of advantages in terms of expanded functionality and much improved latency figures, especially when SADiE systems are running in ASIO mode.”

He explained further: “With this version, both fully featured SADiE 6 software and SADiE’s simple intuitive MTR standalone recording software can support 254 channels in and out over ASIO. We have also ensured that Sound Suite versions of SADiE 6 can support ASIO Direct Monitoring when used with ASIO devices that have this facility, such as Prism Sound’s award-wining Titan, Lyra and Atlas audio interfaces, RME units and cards with Total mix.”

Concerning the Mastering Suite and Sound Suite versions of SADiE V6.1.13 also offer WAV Master, ASIO Direct Monitoring and native support for timecode. ASIO Direct Monitoring is available in the Sound Suite version, while native LTC support is offered in the Mastering, Post and Sound Suite versions.

The company said that other smaller feature updates include support for playback and recording to RF64 format and 64-bit support for the Cedar Retouch, Declick, Decrackle, Dethump plug-ins.

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