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A-T Adds a Hypercardioid Dynamic USB Mic

$149 retail price is aimed at appealing to podcasters, streamers and gamers

Audio-Technical AT2040USB microphone, a short black dynamic mic, shown on a tabletop stand in front of a laptop.

Audio-Technica has expanded its 20 Series mic line with a hypercardioid dynamic USB model.

“The AT2040USB Hypercardioid Dynamic USB Microphone combines the broadcast-quality performance of the AT2040 dynamic microphone with plug-and-play USB Type-C functionality, making it easy for podcasters, streamers and other content creators to achieve professional results,” the company said.

The mic, which retails for $149, connects to the user’s computer for use without an audio interface or additional cabling.

The company positions it as a tool “for content creators looking to gain a professional edge and increase engagement.”

Features include high-resolution A/D converter with a sampling rate of up to 24 bits/96 kHz. The highly directional, pickup pattern isolates the voice from surrounding noise.

“Gamers who stream and chat with followers will appreciate the isolation from common ambient noise, such as the hum of a computer fan,” A-T states.

The metal body includes an integrated shock mount and multistage internal foam mesh windscreen. A low-cut filter eliminates low-frequency sound for additional reduction of vibration and surrounding environmental noise.

“The AT2040USB is also equipped with a headphone jack to enable real-time monitoring of the audio (with zero latency), as well as a soft-touch mute button for quick, reliable muting at the microphone,” A-T says.

A mix control dial adjusts balance between the mic audio and a computer sound source. A two-state LED indicator ring lights blue when the mic is on and red when muted.

A USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable is included, as is a USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter. An optional shock mount is available.