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Adthos Partners With Sportradar

Creative Studio users can deploy fresh sports information

Adthos announced a partnership with sports technology company Sportradar, allowing Adthos Creative Studio to include real-time sporting data in dynamic audio ads and content. 

Adthos Creative Studio is part of the Adthos Ad Sales Platform.

“Existing users of the platform will be able to use the scheduling and results of major sporting events to create up-to-the-minute audio ads or content,” the company said.

Sportradar collects and analyzes sports data from numerous sports, leagues and events. Sources include NBA Basketball, UEFA football and World Rugby, NASCAR, tennis and Major League Baseball.

Adthos Creative Studio also has added templates featuring dynamic data from sports events. “These templates allow users to create audio ads and content at a moment’s notice, based on one of the 750, 000 events that Sportradar covers, customizing the event, teams and the language or even personalizing it for the listener.”

It said this enables advertisers and audio publishers to reach global audiences in their native languages with current content.

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