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Angry Audio Introduces Chameleon C-Level

“Think of it as a gentle multi-band AGC”

Angry Audio has expanded its Chameleon product family with an audio leveling pre-processor called C-Level.

It says the box, which retails for $999, can make dramatic improvements in the sound of modestly priced existing on-air processors. 

“Think of it as a gentle multi-band AGC,” the company website says. “It makes everything sound consistent and polished.”

When inserted between a mixing console and an over-the-air processor, “It’s like having the perfect board operator getting all the elements exactly right every second of every show. C-Level outputs a consistent –24 LUFS signal, which will always keep your OTA processor operating in its sweet spot.”

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It can also be used to protect an STL from overload.

“Like all Chameleon processors, C-Level adapts to the incoming audio. All processing parameters are controlled dynamically by our Chameleon expert software. Not only does this eliminate the complexity associated with other audio processors, but more importantly, it delivers the most transparent, natural sounding audio you’ve ever heard.”

A four-position rotary switch on the front offers three active settings as well as a bypass mode. Inputs are switchable between analog and AES/EBU digital. Analog and AES/EBU digital outputs are simultaneously active.

The processor begins shipping next month.